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The Role of a Home Health Aide in Maryland

If you have never required the assistance of a home health aide, you may wonder what exactly they do to support the needs of the elderly and those who are not well. This critical role helps improve the quality of life for people who are not able to perform basic activities due to a mental or physical health issue.

At A Homemade Plan, our home health aides in Maryland are trained to provide a variety of care services with a high standard for professionalism. Continue reading to find out what you can expect from the top home health care workers in Maryland.

Services Provided by Home Health Aides in Maryland

Emotional support

Home health aides are required to pass through a series of interviews that assess their ability to provide companionship, empathize, and communicate with mentally or physically compromised individuals. This professional training equips home health care workers to provide consistent emotional support that loved ones may struggle to maintain.

Personal hygiene

For those who have limited mobility it can be difficult to stay on top of personal hygiene. Our staff is trained to bathe, dress, and help others use the washroom in a comfortable and professional manner.

24/7 care

Unlike friends and family, home health aides are at the disposal of people who require care 24/7. Whether the individual needs something as simple as a change of clothing, or as urgent as a ride to the hospital, hiring a home health care worker is an excellent way to ensure around-the-clock assistance.


People who struggle to perform necessary household tasks must have someone to go to when they need to prepare a meal, wash their clothes, or change their bedsheets. Home health aides ensure all these needs are met so the individual can focus on rest, recovery, and comfort.


Our staff understands that just because someone is not well, it does not mean their life stops altogether. There will be times where the person needs to run errands, get to doctor’s appointments, and visit loved ones.

Home Health Care in Maryland

Our home health aides in Maryland work hard to assist those in need of care. Contact us today to find out more about our story.