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Live-In Care in Maryland Might Be the Best Choice for Your Elderly Loved One

As an elderly loved one in your family ages, they may reach a point where they need daily care.  For many families, this could mean moving them into a retirement home, or a nursing home.  However, another alternative is becoming popular: live-in care in Maryland.

Rather than your loved one moving to a different home, they can receive a professional live-in caregiver who is there to attend to their needs.  This has numerous benefits, both for you, and your loved one.

Four Reasons To Consider Live-In Care In Maryland

1 – Remaining at home

Probably the biggest single advantage to live-in care is that it means your loved one doesn’t have to move.  Their home undoubtedly holds many memories and is precious to them.  Moving into a nursing home can be traumatic for elderly people, particularly if they’re suffering from dementia.  Allowing them to stay in their own home will help them be happier, and may even help preserve their mind, as they’re surrounded by mementos that stimulate their memories.

2 – Maintaining their lifestyle

Moving into a retirement home can also be traumatic because it means leaving behind friends, activities, and other things they enjoy which are associated with their home.  With a live-in caregiver, their lifestyle will barely change at all.  They’ll be able to stay near their friends and neighbors and continue participating in the activities they enjoy.

3 – Closer contact with the caregiver

Nursing homes have a lot of residents, and only so many caregivers.  Your loved one isn’t going to get much face-to-face time with the people caring for them.  However, with a live-in caregiver, that person is available for them 24/7.  This means they’ll have easier access to care when they need it, but it also means they’ll have someone to talk to all the time.  This can significantly reduce loneliness.

4 – Dedicated care

If someone at a nursing home has a medical emergency, they’re going to have to signal for a caregiver – and that means potentially waiting for someone to come help them.  When they have a live-in caregiver, that person is always available, and usually right there in the house always.  That means prompt attention in situations where minutes could make the difference between life and death.

Get Live-In Care in Maryland from Our Team

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