Our Story

A Homemade Plan was founded by three longtime friends in January of 2012. All three founders grew up in Damascus, MD and were friends through Elementary School, High School, and were even College roommates at Salisbury University. Matthew, Tyler, and Ryan are the proud Owners and Founders of A Homemade Plan. They founded A Homemade Plan with the philosophy that they can improve the quality of care provided to senior citizens and people who have disabilities. This philosophy holds true today with the additional focus of constantly trying to find new ways to improve services. 


All three Owners work at the local offices and are a part of the day to day operations. This allows A Homemade Plan to be more receptive to our patient’s needs and allows for flexibility. Below, please find a quick introduction of each Founder/Owner. If you decide that A Homemade Plan is right for you, either Matthew, Tyler, or Ryan will be happy to come to your residence to walk you through how A Homemade Plan can help.

After graduating from Salisbury University with a degree in Management, Matthew continued his education by attending Middle Tennessee State University where he received a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Administration.

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After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from Salisbury University in the field of Marketing, Tyler started work at a home care agency as a Community Liaison. After a year of working in the health care marketing field, Tyler was given an opportunity to manage a home care office. This gave Tyler the experience and training needed to operate a successful home care company.

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Care Management, Annapolis Maryland

Ryan graduated from Salisbury University with a Degree in Finance. Shortly after he graduated, Ryan joined Tyler to gain experience managing a home care company. Realizing that home care can be improved upon, Ryan was eager to start a forward thinking home care company.

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