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Long-Term Care Insurance

A Homemade Plan accepts all Long-Term Care insurance (LTC insurance). We work with many insurance companies including John Hancock, Genworth, MetLife, Long Term Care Partners, New York Life, among many others.  We have years of experience working with LTC insurance companies and know what is involved with the claims process. To help make home care as easy as possible, we would be more than happy to walk you through the process of initiating and maintaining LTC insurance benefits.

What is Long-Term Care Insurance

LTC Insurance is an insurance policy which partially or fully covers the cost of long term care services, such as home care services, assisted living, and nursing homes.

Payments with Long-Term Care Insurance

Normally, LTC insurance policies are set up as reimbursement policies. This means that the Client will pay for services out of pocket and will receive a reimbursement check. As a convenience for the families we serve, A Homemade Plan sends invoices to both the Client and the insurance company. The Client will receive the invoice to review/pay, and will not be burdened with submitting invoices and other supporting documents, such as daily notes. This greatly reduces the amount of correspondence your family will need to have with the insurance company.

We Make Working with Long-Term Care Insurance Even Easier!

A Homemade Plan offers our LTC insurance Clients the ability to set up a payment option where we receive payments directly from the insurance company. In this scenario, A Homemade Plan still sends invoices to both parties and the Client still has their opportunity to review the invoices. The only difference is A Homemade Plan will receive payment directly from the insurance company. This reduces the Clients involvement even more, which saves you time. Additionally, you will not have to wait for a reimburse check from the insurance company.

How we can Help

Getting started: We can help get this process started by calling your insurance company to get a description of the policy benefits and finding out the process on how to initiate a claim. Policy benefits may have elimination periods, dollar limits on benefits, and/or a required number of Activities of Daily Living. A Homemade Plan can assist in uncovering these items and making sure we meet/understand the requirements. We are also flexible with schedules to meet your family’s needs.

Assessments: Most LTC insurance policies require a Registered Nurse Needs Assessment to determine if the Care Recipient needs home care services. We send our Registered Nurse to complete a Needs Assessment initially and every 45 to 90 days, free of charge. Once we complete the initial RN Needs Assessment, we will send the assessment to the insurance company for their review.

Submitting Documents: To remove the burden from our valued Clients, we make sure that the insurance company receives all the paperwork needed to process the claim. These documents may include invoices, daily care notes, and assessments.

Receive payments directly: If you prefer we can set up a payment option where the insurance company sends payment for services directly to A Homemade Plan.

Answer questions: Having worked with LTC insurance companies for years, we have the experience needed to answer most questions. If we do not know the answer right away, we will be happy to contact the LTC insurance company to get the correct answer to any questions that arise.

Resolving issues: If there is an issue with receiving payment(s), initiating a claim, submitting paperwork, or any other problem that may arise, we can contact the LTC insurance company on your behalf to figure out the situation and how to resolve it.

Next Steps:

If you are ready to take the next step, please call us at (888) 610-2643.

Additional information about long-term care insurance claims can be found here.