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How to Prepare for an In-Home Caregiver

If you or a loved one decides to bring elder care into your home to assist with many of the activities of daily living, you’ll be entrusting someone with your well-being in the place that is most private, your home. The transition to caregiving may be difficult for you and […]

Home Health Aides in Maryland Help Your Loved One Recover at Home

As people age, their medical needs tend to increase.  Seniors in Maryland are more likely to go to the hospital, need surgery, or have health complications that need direct observation and management. Unfortunately, all too often, this leads to people being forced to spend long stints in the hospital.  This […]

Tips on How to Assess Quality of Life for Dementia Patients

Those with Alzheimer’s or dementia often have physical and mental difficulties that can prevent them from telling us precisely how they feel, or if they’re having issues. That’s why caregivers and loved ones need to be able to assess their quality of life accurately and determine if there’s something they […]

5 Ways to Cope with Stress

Dealing with stress is certainly difficult, especially as we age, but it isn’t impossible to minimize stress and live your best life. The Maryland home health aides from A Homemade Plan have helped many clients manage their daily stress levels and for stress awareness month, we wanted to share some […]

How to Recognize & Manage Chronic Pain in Older Adults

It’s no secret that as we age, our chronic aches and pains can become more pronounced. One common issue that caregivers, loved ones, and doctors often encounter is when their friend, relative, or patient is experiencing chronic pain but unwilling or unable to speak up about it. These types of […]

Four Tips for Supporting the Elderly During Cold Weather

As many of us know, the elderly can require more support during cold weather because they become more susceptible to health complications and other risks during the winter. However, family, friends, and those providing elderly care in Maryland can help to make seniors comfortable and happy during the winter season […]