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Tips to Help Home Care Providers in Maryland Create Time for Exercise

Many caregivers and home care providers in Maryland are so dedicated to providing the best care possible that they often overlook their own health and needs. Just like everyone else, caregivers and home care providers need to look after themselves properly to be and feel at their best.  

One of the ways to do this is to incorporate exercise. You can enjoy numerous exercise perks simply by working out several times a week. If you find it hard to set aside some time for exercising, read on to uncover valuable tips on scheduling time for working out.

Ensure Exercise Remains a Priority

Most caregivers will confirm that their work is time-consuming. However, to avoid neglecting yourself and even suffering from caregiver stress, you must try and fit exercise into your schedule. Aim at working at least 30 minutes five times a day. You do not even need to do this all at once. You can take a 5–10-minute break as part of self-care.

Work Out with Your Loved One

If you find it challenging to leave the person you are caring for, go ahead and work out with them. You can talk to your doctor about appropriate exercises that both of you can participate in. Chair yoga, tai-chi, walking, or swimming are great options to explore depending on physical abilities.

If the seniors have motorized wheelchairs or scooters, get creative and find accessible trails where you can hike or jog/brisk walk together.

Find a Supportive Community

If you struggle to find time to engage in physical activities, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Reach out to relatives or trustworthy friends to relieve you of your caregiving activities for a couple of minutes so that you can work out. Look for a community of home care providers in Maryland that can share practical advice on fitting exercising into a busy care schedule.

Adjusting Lifestyle  

Exercising does not always mean going to a gym or looking at your screen to follow moves from fitness enthusiasts. You can adjust your lifestyle to incorporate workout moves that are good for your body. Examples include walking up and down the stairs, parking further from your location, doing sitting exercises, etc.

Trust Our Home Care Providers in Maryland

To be an excellent caregiver, you must take great care of yourself.  To learn more about our home care providers and services in Maryland, call our team at A Homemade Plan today at (888) 610-2643.