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Four Tips for Supporting the Elderly During Cold Weather

As many of us know, the elderly can require more support during cold weather because they become more susceptible to health complications and other risks during the winter. However, family, friends, and those providing elderly care in Maryland can help to make seniors comfortable and happy during the winter season by following the simple tips below.

1.     Keeping the House Warm

One of the biggest challenges that older people face during cold weather is staying warm. You can combat this by ensuring seniors’ homes are well-heated throughout winter. Experts recommend setting the heat to at least 65°F throughout the day. Other steps to take include:

  • Helping the elderly layer up with warm pieces of clothing
  • Using an electric blanket in bed or a hot water bottle  
  • Closing curtains, windows, and fitting thermal linings can help keep the heat in

2.     Getting The Flu Shot

Seniors should get flu vaccines from a local pharmacy or their doctors if they are able. Ideally, it’s best to get seasonal flu shots since seniors can potentially get extremely ill because of the flu. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that elderly individuals have everything they need to stay healthy during the winter months. A home should be well-stocked with essentials like hand sanitizer, tissues, antibacterial sprays, Kleenex, and prescriptions should be up to date.

3.     Protection from Falling

Slippery conditions are common during the winter and increase the risk of falling for many seniors (and people in general). Always assist the elderly when going out and encourage them to be careful and to use frames and canes if need be.

Seniors should try and stay active during the cold season. Cold weather can worsen joint pain or even cause arthritis to flare up. Older individuals should also consider using taxis or public transport if they must move around in rainy or dark cold conditions.

4.     Offer Companionship

Many elderly individuals suffer from loneliness, and cold weather can worsen the situation. You can find ways to connect with seniors by visiting them and inviting them to social events over the holidays. Phone and video calls are also a great way to stay connected when physical contact is not possible. You can also find experts that offer elderly care in Maryland to provide companionship.

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