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5 Characteristics of a Compassionate Caregiver

Being the caregiver for an elderly or disabled person can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be difficult at times. The best caregivers are ones that are committed, as well as extremely compassionate. At A Homemade Plan, we have a team of compassionate caregivers that can take care of your loved one full-time, or provide a break for primary caregivers and family members.

As home care providers in Maryland, we wanted to collect some of the foremost things that make a quality, compassionate caregiver, so read on!

1. Dignity

The most compassionate caregivers aren’t lacking in dignity. Helping an aging patient or loved one with their needs, like going to the bathroom and bathing, can be an adjustment for some. Of course, it can also be uncomfortable for the patient or loved one to be cared for in such a way. That’s why a truly compassionate caregiver will be respectful and composed.

2. Patience

A great caregiver needs the patience of a saint. Caring for the elderly and disabled requires not only a positive attitude but empathy as well. For example, you might have difficulty getting your patient or loved one to finish their meals, or they might repeat the same story every day. Of course, these things can be aggravating, but a good caregiver won’t let them build into resentment.

3. Attentiveness

Being attentive to the needs of your loved one or client is key when you’re a caregiver, as they may not always tell you when they’re in need of help. This means paying close attention to their moods, emotions, or mental state, as well as their physical wellbeing.

4. Diplomacy

The most compassionate people also have a good sense of diplomacy, especially where caring for the elderly or disabled is concerned. This means always communicating with a kind tone and in a pleasant manner, as well as using friendly body language.

5. Self-Care

When it comes to caring for the elderly and disabled, you’ll need to be in a good mental and physical state as well, so self-care for the caregiver is extremely important. Caring for someone day in and day out isn’t easy, so if you’re a caregiver it’s important to know when you need a rest yourself. Additionally, primary caregivers might consider hiring a part-time home care provider when they need a bit of a break.

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