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Fall Prevention Awareness Week

Fall Prevention

When you think of the word “Fall”, you may think about the season!  Well, that’s not what we are talking about!  This week is “Falls Prevention Awareness” week, and we here at A Homemade Plan strive to bring awareness to the community!  Falling can be dangerous and lead to serious injury or injuries.  While there are many factors that could cause a fall, following the below tips, could help reduce you or your loved ones chances of falling:

  • Make sure that items on the floor have been put away (i.e., toys, games, etc.)
  • Install handrails
  • Rearrange or arrange your furniture that allows for plenty of walking room
  • Clean up food and drink spills immediately
  • Keep items or electronic devices that you use daily within sitting reach
  • If you are out in public, always pay attention when you see “Caution Wet Floor”

You can find more information about fall prevention by follow the link below.