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Summertime Respite Care Time

Respite Care

5 Reasons You May Need Respite Care

Being a caregiver to a parent or senior loved ones is one of the hardest jobs you will ever do, but it is also one of the most important. It can become hectic, and sometimes you need to be reminded that you must take time for yourself. That is where respite care comes in. As an in-home caregiver, your services, compassion, and love are needed every day.  

Whether you are going away on vacation, need to visit family or have your own personal obligations, skilled professionals can give your loved one a safe, supportive, and home-like environment while you are away. Now is the best time to investigate respite care. 

What is Respite Care and Why do You Need it?

Respite Care – is a temporary or short-term care arrangement that allows a family member in-home caregiver to take a break. There are several different types of respite care available that can provide the specific level of care your loved one needs in your absence. For some caregivers, the biggest obstacle to using respite care isn’t the lack of options but rather it’s a concern for their loved one or feelings of guilt. Feeling this way is perfectly normal! Friendly staff will help provide you with a great option that alleviates those concerns. Respite care is something you should feel good about. You will have the time you need away, and you will know that your loved one is getting the very best care. This will provide significant benefits for both you and your loved one. Here are just five great reasons why you should go ahead and take a break:

Taking a Break is Good for Your Health

Stress can really take a toll on your overall health. Self-care is essential mental and physical health. Sometimes people worry about self-care being an indulgence, selfish, or time consuming, but nothing could be farther from the truth! Taking care of yourself will make you stronger and better able to take care of those around you and handle any other problems that come up. Taking time to see to your own needs reduces unnecessary stress. Taking body and time to catch up, and it allows you to see the things in your own life that need to be attended to. Your loved ones want to see you happy, healthy living your life too!

Respite Care Makes You Feel Better

Sometimes, you may let your own life take a backseat while trying to provide the best in home care possible for a loved one. When you do this, you are causing yourself undue stress, and perhaps even causing your loved one feelings of guilt. Therefore, you must make your own life a priority too! You may have your own doctor’s appointments, errands or family obligations that need your attention. Having time occasionally to get those things off your plate really helps to ease your mind and leaves you in a much better mood. You will be more effective and engaged. You will feel refreshed! Your loved one will appreciate seeing you take live your best life.

It Makes You a Better Caregiver

As a home care provider, you work hard. You may even find yourself feeling frustrated or tired. This is your body’s way of telling you to take a break! Taking a break, going to visit far away family, or going on vacation (or even just a staycation) will allow your body and mind time to rest. Your body is built to be self-healing, but only if you give it time to be! While your time is one of the most valuable things you give in caring for your loved one, you must remember not to neglect other relationships. Spending time with your other family and friends and allowing time for your support system to take care of you keeps you strong and healthy so you can be the best caregiver you can be.

Respite Care Builds Valuable Relationships

Respite care is great for your relationship with your loved one, and it is also great for the other relationships in both of your lives. Time away allows you to see family and friends. You can have lunch with an old friend or take time for a long call with a relative you have been missing. So often, you can accidentally neglect these relationships giving your very best to being a caregiver. As important as it is for you, it is also important for your loved one to build outside relationships as well, when possible. Guests often build wonderful friendships with staff and nurses as well as other guests who they may find it easy to relate to.  

Respite Care Allows Time for Recovery

As a caregiver, if you become ill, need a surgery, or you may have to temporarily take some time away from caring for your loved one. Respite care services provided at A Homemade Plan will provide your loved one with great care while you recover.

There are lots of reasons you may need respite care, but the most important reason is because it is what is best for you and your loved one. You can take the time to have balance in your life. You can take the time you need, and rest assured that your loved one is getting the best care available and maybe even making a few new friends!