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Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness

Many challenging events are happening in society right now. Outside of that, people face individual stressors and challenges. If you are experiencing difficulties for any reason, seeking mental health services can bring great relief. If you have been thinking of doing so but have been unsure, consider these four reasons to seek mental health help.

Four Reasons Why Seeking Mental Health Help is Okay

1. It’s okay not to be okay. We all experience difficulties sometimes. No one is alone in this.

2. Our thoughts are trustworthy. Our mental health takes a hit when we get stuck in these thoughts, believing them to be true just because we think them often leaves us vulnerable. 

3. Remembering that our thoughts are not permanent. It can feel like things will never get better, that our circumstances or aspects of our life are just going to stay the same. 

4.  It is a sign of strength.  Reaching out to a friend or mental health professional isn’t a sign of weakness, its the opposite, an indicator that you want to feel better and are willing to take action to get better. 

Below, please find a link to an article about more specific senior information. 

National Mental Health Month: Addressing Seniors’ Emotional Well-Being | Philips Lifeline ®