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Encouraging Your Loved One to Staying Active

Encouraging your loved one

Activity Ideas for Encouraging your Loved One

Encouraging your loved one to stay active physically, mentally, and social is very important for the overall health and quality of life of a patient. When making activity plans with a patient, it is good to remember to meet the patient where they are at. For example, if a patient is physically weak but loves to cook, you may want to consider cooking together. If the patient has trouble opening jars or cutting vegetables, these are tasks you can assist with, meanwhile allowing the patient to do what they can to help in the kitchen. This is a lot more socially, physically, and mentally engaging opposed to a caregiver sole preparing meals for the patient.

The list of activities you can do with your loved one is infinite. The best place to start is by asking them what they would like to do today. You may find it difficult to think of activities to do. So to help you get started, below please find a list of activities to do with your loved one. Remember, you can modify these activities to meet the patient “where they are at”.

Physical Activities:

Going for walks
Helping with exercises
Going to the pool
Practicing Tai Chi

Mental Activities:

Playing cards
Arts and crafts
Putting puzzles together
Quiz/trivia games
Playing board games

Social Activities:

Engaging in conversation
Cooking together
Going to a senior or activity center
Listening to stories of the past
Listen to music
Assisting with phone calls to family and friends

We hope this article helps get seniors up and moving. If you or your loved one needs assistance with activities in the home, please think of A Homemade Plan. We send Caregivers into the homes of seniors and individuals with disabilities to assist with one-on-one care. A list of our services can be found here. You can also call us at (888) 610-2643 to get more information about our services and/or schedule a face-to-face meeting with one of the owners.