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Caregiver of the Month

October’s Caregiver of the Month award goes to Lenilyn R.! Congratulation Lenilyn and thank you for going above and beyond!

Message from Lenilyn:

My name is Lenilyn. I have been a caregiver for 10 years. I started working in home care because I like caring for the elderly. I am currently working with clients in the Annapolis area. I enjoy working with A Homemade Plan because taking care of my clients is like taking care of my own parents.

Lenilyn R. Employee of the Month October 2023

Program Details

Each month A Homemade Plan nominates a Caregiver that has demonstrated excellence in their work. The qualities in our Caregivers that are valued most are reliability, consistency, caring, and compassion. A Homemade Plan elects a Caregiver of the Month who has gone above and beyond. Along with recognition, the Caregiver of the Month comes with a bonus. A Homemade Plan values our employees and strives to keep our Caregivers happy and engaged.

Current Caregivers

If you are a current Caregiver and would like to be considered for Caregiver of the Month, please work hard to provide care according to our values which are reliability, consistency, caring, and compassion. Arriving to the Care Recipient’s home early, being ready for work, dressing professionally, minimizing distractions such as using your cell phone, being attentive to the patient’s needs, and being a compassionate and caring person goes a long way. Many times, the office staff will rely on your communication with them, as well as, family feedback to assess the quality of your work. Keep working hard and stay positive and your efforts will be rewarded.

How to Apply

A Homemade Plan is always looking for good Caregivers. If you are an experienced Caregiver and are interested in applying, you must have experience with caring for seniors. We are also seeking Caregivers who have experience working with patients who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. If you are a Caregiver who encompasses A Homemade Plan’s values, and would like to apply to be an employee with A Homemade Plan, please complete our online application by clicking the link below.

Past Caregivers of the Month

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