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Clock In Clock Out System

A Homemade Plan manages our time and attendance with a fully automated clock in clock out system. We require all Caregivers to clock in and clock out of assignments. There are two way Caregivers can do this. First, there is a mobile app that can be download on a cell phone. The second method is using the Clients phone to call into our automated system.  We prefer that Caregivers use the mobile app but either method will work. Below, please find more information about how to use the mobile app and telephony system.


Below, please find a link to instruction on how to download, access, and use the mobile app.

Mobile App Instructions 

Please note that if you are having trouble with downloading and/or logging into the mobile app, please call your local A Homemade Plan office for assistance.


To clock in and out of your assignment use the Client’s phone and call (844) 416-4210. Please note that you must have your Caregiver ID number in order to use this system. If you do not have your Caregiver ID number, call your local A Homemade Plan office to receive yours.  Please follow the automated prompt to complete the process.