Complimentary Services

As a part of A Homemade Plan’s commitment to making Senior Care easy, we offer an extensive Senior Resource Center. If you have a need for a service that A Homemade Plan does not provide such as lawn care service or physical therapy, the A Homemade Plan office staff will offer solutions for any problem.


FREE: A Homemade Plan provides a free in-home needs assessment performed by our Registered Nurse.  This assessment is done every 45-90 days and ensures personalized care that is tailored to your individual needs.


FREE: In-home consultation by one of the partners of A Homemade Plan.


FREE: To ensure that the Care Provider is a good fit for your family, A Homemade Plan can arrange free Care Provider interviews. During the interview you can meet potential Care Providers, ask them questions and select someone who fits your needs.


FREE: We understand that senior care can be overwhelming. This is why A Homemade Plan offers a Senior Resource Center to help with any issue that may arise.

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