Winter Has Finally Arrived

In-Home Caregiver

It is March 14th and somehow this is Maryland’s first significant winter weather of the season. Obviously falls are a serious issue to the senior population and slick winter weather conditions makes the risk of falls that much greater. Below, please find some fall prevention tips for seniors and for us all.

  1. Be prepared- Ahead of any storm you should make sure to stock up of food, water, and other supplies, so that you can stay safe and warm inside while you wait out the bad conditions.
  2. Have someone there- The best way to prevent falls is to have a family member or professional caregiver to be with your loved one during bad weather conditions.
  3. Clear walkways/driveways- If a senior citizen does need to leave their home during bad weather, then it is a good idea to have someone else clear the snow/ice off their walkways and driveways.
  4. Use proper footwear- Make sure to always wear proper foot attire, such as snow boots, that have good tread on the soles to resist slipping.
  5. Have a conversation- Talk with your loved one about staying safe during winter storms.
  6. Fall buttons- In good or bad weather, it is always a good idea to have a fall button that can call for emergency personnel in case of a fall or another emergency.
  7. Stay active- Staying active throughout the year will help your loved one maintain muscles and balance that may prevent falls during any condition.
  8. Check conditions before going out- Be careful of snow melting and refreezing in the next day(s).

Hopefully this is the first and last winter weather system this year. We hope you and your loved ones stay warm and safe over the next few days.  If you would like a Care Provider to assist in-home, please call A Homemade Plan at (888) 610-2643, we are opened and available.

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